OPAL - The right choice for fast and efficient tests on alternators and starters

For fast and efficient testing
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  • Test : Electrical controls like power, voltage, current
  • Various cords / connectors for your alternators : LIN 1 & 2, BSD/BSS 1 & 2, RVC, C terminal, PCM, RLO, C / G, P & D
  • How to test my starter, my alternator

Tests both starters and alternators !
Delivers a test report with a sanction "Good" or "Bad",
and integrates a large number of communication protocols, (LIN 1 & 2, BSD/BSS 1 & 2, RVC, ...), commonly used by the latest models of regulators.


At the spare parts desk, in the workshop, during diagnosis of a vehicle or before recycling, OPAL makes in a few seconds a complete diagnosis with printing a report of all alternators and starters control.
- Automatic or manual
- Result on screen and saved as a file (easy to share by network and Ethernet)
- Easy to connect
- Generic and specific cords with connectors
- Easy to use by : large touch screen using common symbols
- Dynamic update of database by Internet.


Catalog of specifics connectors, packed in suitcases (Set 1 - 22 cords -,Set 2 - 22 new cords - and Set 3 - RLO and P&D plug plus 5 supplementary cords)
Workshop accessories (tool trolley)