DACTEM Technologies : Diagnosis Specialist

  • Our expertise is based on 30 years of DACTEM Developpement experience, master in developing test equipments for laboratory and production for global manufacturers.

  • Our future products are from ongoing research of engineers DACTEM Developpement teams in the areas of energy consumption and communication protocols for future alternators, starters and starter-alternators.

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NEW : Dactem controls Start & Stop technology

Combined with the Peugeot and Citroën diesel HDi diesel engines, this system is installed in more than 2 million vehicles, both manual and robotic gearboxes. This new generation,Start & Stop, is distinguished by the integration of electronics control on electrical machine.
As in the first generation, the micro-hybrid system allows the motor to be automatically switched off, for example during a red light or in a traffic jam, and re-starts when a power is requested.
To optimize fuel economy and make driving more flexible, the Start & Stop is distinguished by cutting off the engine before the vehicle is completely stopped as soon as the vehicle travels at less than 8 km / h with a robotic less than 20 km / h with a manual gearbox. Its restart is immediate (under 400 msec), totally silent and vibration-free, even if the driver unexpectedly changes notice during shutdown.

Valeo offers a range of products allowing the Stop & Start function, based either on an alternator starter or on a reinforced starter, thus enabling each manufacturer to introduce this function according to its own strategy.