Update your old TOPAZ !

Update your TOPAZ to check the latest alternators!
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  • RLO, P&D, BSS, BSD, LIN 1&2, I-StARS, I-Bsg
  • Expertise, integral diagnosis, cleaning, verification, new generation alternator, starter, RLO, P & D

Your TOPAZ no longer meets your needs? Can not control your customers' alternators ? We can update your machine to give it a new breath!

It is not a "kit" update but a real review and improvement of this device. In our workshops, we carry out a thorough check: electrical wiring, electronic components, connections. Then, we change the obsolete components and we integrate the latest version of our software and the last database alternators.


In details :
◘ a new metal hood supporting,
      ◘ a new touch screen,
      ◘ new electronic boards (motherboard and components)
      ◘ new wiring,
      ◘ a new ticket printer,
      ◘ installation of the latest version of our software under Windows 7
      ◘ 2 specific connectors, communication protocol support (LIN 2, BSD2),
      ◘ 1 old intermediate cable / new connectors (Sub-D / MATE-N-LOK)


Specific connectors presented in 3 suitcases:
◘ Case 1 including 22 cords,
◘ Case 2 including 22 additional cords,
◘ Case 3 including 1 connector for RLO, 1 connector for P & D and 5 additional cords.