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Our profession

Test is our main job : production control, endurance and laboratory tests, we bring industrial solutions to industrial problems. Result reliability, soundness and sustainability are core values for our achievements for many years.

Assistance - Training

Any question ? Any hesitation? We are at your disposal for one-time or contractual hotline!
Training department for many years, we have a team that can train your staff, both theoretical (methodology, mechanics, electronics, computer science) and practice.
We can work directly on your site for multi training participants.


We assist alternators and starters manufacturers for over 20 years in end of production control or laboratory and provide the tools to do it. Our engineers are able to use this expertise to develop OPAL, TOPAZ, EMEROD, AXONE and RUBY and enrich to prepare our future products. Such collaboration has allowed us to share and a maximum of data, including the latest, on their products (alternators). You get this information, structured and organized, within the alternators DataBase included in our machines and periodically updated.


Also through to the collaboration with major companies in the industrial world, we developed a qualitative work. Production imperatives do not give way to uncertainty: your work tool must respond "present" to each of your requests! Our machines, imagined, draw and build in France, in our plants, are checked in each step of their construction. Providing you an efficient and robust tool is our first motivation!

Some testimonies...

Automotive spare parts retailer
Gard (30)
Since 10 years, I’m using OPAL to check warrantee returns : 5 days by week and 10 hours by day ! I can’t do without it….
TTM Poznan show 2014 visitor
A product that keeps its promises: effective and efficient database which has taken into account the requests of its users (TOPAZ 300A).
Customer using our benches
The Nederlands 2014
"This new TOPAZ is really a improvement and a pleasant tool to work with (TOPAZ 300A)..."
“Simplifying the diagnostic” is our core business! All our energies are mobilized to find solutions to your problems. We want to move forward together and provide you real tools to optimize your working time.”