TOPAZ - For extensive loads testing

For extensive loads testing
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  • Power, solidity, speed, result ticket, validation
  • Connection cables RLO, P & D, P / D, BSS, D030
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For renovation, electrical repair, maintenance:
Test alternators and starters from 12 to 24 V,
Automatic and manual testing for the diagnosis of any type,
any size and any new technology alternators.


For renovation, electrical repair, maintenance: STRENGH, EASY and SAFE USE:

Universal support for alternators,
Training of the alternator by trapezoidal or poly -vee belt.
Automatic belt tension,
Displaying the result on screen or editing a result ticket (built-in printer).

Easy connection by displaying wiring diagrams, intuitive and easy thanks to the large touch-screen operation, a set of generic and specific cords connection.
Automatic tests: TOPAZ stores test results and prints, in the same time, the result ticket (OK or KO) and report measurements with performance curves.
The data base of TOPAZ includes a large number of technical data generators on the market and stores the characteristics of each new alternator tested. It also has a dynamic update by internet.


¤ test of regulators (mounted)
¤ test of I-StARS
¤ Specific connectors, in three suitcases